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Woman smiling with VR headst on


"Science is my favorite subject because I love learning about space and the solar system. Using Virtual Reality, we got to go to the Apollo 1 site in Cape Canaveral and do a live class!"

“In Virtual Reality, it's easier to learn and stay engaged because you are interacting with real things. Using the headsets during class also gives me a break from sitting at the desk all day.”

"VR is a super cool tool that makes learning way more fun. It's like going on awesome adventures to places you've only read about, and you can actually touch and see everything up close. Learning becomes this cool that feels like playing a game, and you learn so much without even realizing it!"


Donald Fitz-Roy: Rye Country Day

Tim Fish : Chief Innovation Officer at NAIS

4th Grade Teacher

Boy with VR headset on sitting in front of a brick wall.
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