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What is a Digital Replica Campus? The term digital campus simply means a replica of your school campus and/or classroom(s) built in the metaverse. While the idea of a digital campus is not new, the concept was previously limited to photos, videos or perhaps artist renderings of school campuses and classrooms.  


With the expansion of the metaverse, however, a digital replica campus now enables schools to engage with their community through events, tours, programs and even coursework without the physical restraints of being on a campus. Imagine the ability to help meet the changing needs of modern families no matter where they are in the world!

Create a Digital Replica Campus Reflective of Your School Community 

What Challenges Can a Digital Replica Campus Help My School Overcome?

Increase enrollment beyond the limits of a physical campus.  

Offer additional coursework to meet the diverse needs of students

Expand campus despite budget limitations.

Provide flexible educational solutions to current and prospective families.  

Bring quality education to more students and families.

Give your school a competitive edge with innovative technology and learning.  

Recruit and retain quality teachers. 

Give your school a competitive edge with innovative technology and learning.  

Will Virtual Campuses Hold Relevance in the Digital Future? 

Man in VR Scene

Metaverse Becomes Commonplace

Virtual Reality was once thought of only in relation to gaming and the gaming industry. As the metaverse becomes more commonplace in society, it follows that it will also take on an increased presence in the field of education.  

Little boy wearing VR headset with an adult watching

Growth in

Education Sector

Research from the World Economic Forum predicts that education is the most likely sector of the metaverse to impact people’s lives in the next decade. 

VR Student Lounge



In the near future, digital campuses and virtual reality will likely become a common extension and/or replacement for existing physical and online learning. The possibilities for education and improving access to quality education are endless!

How Can a Digital Replica Campus Benefit My School Community? 

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