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Charitable Partnerships

Optima Independent was born from the idea that we could inspire the hearts and minds of young people through immersive, engaging experiences. Our virtual reality platform enables us to bring those experiences to children regardless of geographic location or physical health. 


We are proud to launch our Charitable Partnerships program with children's hospitals and hope to expand our program soon to children experiencing trauma and disruption in education, health and family or friendships due to events beyond their control.

If you're interested in becoming a charitable partner or volunteering with us in the metaverse, please contact us using the button below. 

VR Social Experiences

Feelings of loneliness and isolation are common amongst children experiencing long hospital stays or treatments. Through virtual reality, we can connect patients with others in the metaverse to safely interact, laugh, talk, share activities and more!  

Pain & Anxiety Resources

The metaverse opens up a world of possibilities for children in hospitals. Our immersive, multi-sensory experiences in the metaverse can offer children opportunities to reduce anxiety by exploring medical procedures beforehand or participating in mindfulness exercises.


Research has even shown that participation in engaging activities in the metaverse can reduce pain and anxiety before, during and after medical treatments. 

Volunteer Experiences

Our Educational Partners have the opportunity to volunteer in the metaverse to support patients being treated at hospitals that are part of our Charitable Partnerships program. 

We are excited to be able to connect patients with other students across the country through story time, activity nights, field trips and more through our interactive, virtual reality experiences. 

VR Headset Donations

We never want the cost of technology to become a barrier to connecting those in need with quality education and interactive social experiences. Through our charitable partnerships program, we are proud to offer low cost and no cost headset options to our charitable partners. 

Access to Accredited Coursework

We know that lengthy hospital stays and long-term medical treatments can put students behind in school and in some cases prevent them from completing coursework. 

Our virtual reality, education platform and Cognia accredited curriculum provides a solution for students to complete coursework during treatment and engage with classmates and teachers in the metaverse too!

IRL and VR Connections

Through our multi-state footprint, we are able to connect in-real-life (IRL) and in virtual reality (VR) experiences for our students and families and those of our charitable partners. 

Whether through on-site volunteering, fundraising events or joining in one of our VR volunteer events, our focus is on building relationships and making the world feel like a warmer, more connected place for our partner patients and their families. 

Contact Us to Find Out More!

We'd love to connect with you! If you are interested in finding out more about how to become a charitable partner, make a donation to our program, or if your school is interested in becoming a volunteer partner, please click the button below to send our program coordinator an email!

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