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The World's Largest Educational Web 3.0 Content Library


Optima Independent's ever-growing Digital Content Library inludes 250+ locations, 2,000+ Immersive Effects (IFX) and over 40 Pre-Recorded VR Field Trips. This library is designed to be layered on top of existing curriculum to bring lessons to life with VR hands-on experiences. 

Teachers can easily integrate this tool into their daily lessons to catalyze student engagement and elevate student learning. 

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250+ Locations


2,000+ IFX

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40+ Field Tips


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Our Digital Content Library in Action

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Using our platform, Woodward Academy's French teacher has noted that students are more engaged, eager to work together and practice their French more using Virtual Reality than they do in other activities. 

Woodward Academy is currently using our Digital Content Library to enhance their upper-level French courses. Students participate in a semester-long Olympics unit where they build upon and practice their French vocabulary and pronunciation by interviewing athletes, participating in awards ceremonies, and setting up various sporting events.

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Rye Country Day School is developing an experience for students to apply the acronym GRAPES (Geography, Religion, Achievements, Politics, Economy, and Social Structure) to study early civilizations. Students act as a "starship crew" tasked with making observations on three fictional civilizations.  Crews must visit each civilization, interacting with avatars, examining artifacts, and scrutinizing artwork. Students then return to the “starship” and post their findings.  Their teacher debriefs them, goes over their findings and evaluates each team’s cultural understanding and investigative prowess, helping the entire group compare the three worlds and apply their understandings of the underpinnings of these civilizations using the GRAPES acronym.

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At Oak Hill School, students participate in a museum walk in their Civil Rights unit. Students delve into various spheres that symbolized pivotal moments in the civil rights movement. These spheres encapsulate significant events including the historic sit-ins in downtown Nashville, the courageous journey of Ruby Bridges, and the tragic demise of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Within these immersive spheres, students listen to recorded narratives, answer thought-provoking questions, and engage in meaningful conversations about the profound topics raised. 

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During International Week at Ensworth, teachers create an immersive Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris experience with in-person stations containing elements of students' work and research. One station has VR headsets, allowing teachers to highlight architectural features of Notre Dame.

What's Included?

We offer an annual subscription to our Digital Content Library. During your subscription period, you have unlimited access to our locations, IFXs, and field trips. This library is applicable for students grades 4-12 and spans all subject areas. 

Recommended Add-Ons

We recommend also purchasing Headset Management and Professional Development. Our management software allows you to remotely control and update VR devices and we have a range of customizable in-person and online professional development opportunities. 

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Best Teaching Practices in Virtual Reality

Optima Independent provides educators with enriching grade- and content-specific professional learning opportunities as a first step in the journey of leveraging the power of VR in classrooms and schools. We offer both online and in-person training sessions, and we can adjust the agenda based on your needs. 

Check out our Professional Development Opportunities here

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Explore Some of our Popular Field Trips

A Brief History of WWI NEW!

Students begin in a WWI gallery where they learn the MAIN causes of the Great War. Then, students are transported to the trenches to tour barracks, learn a dice game, and interact with tools and objects soldiers used daily. Students must answer questions correctly to deliver the Armistice before it's too late. Finally, students visit Versailles to learn about the Treaty of Versailles and how it led to WWII. 

Artemis Launch Experience NEW!

Embark on an awe-inspiring adventure through the Artemis program, a groundbreaking mission to establish a sustainable colony on the Moon and explore the vastness of space. Join the astronauts as they navigate the challenges of deep space travel and witness the incredible technology behind the Artemis missions. From the powerful Space Launch System to the human-rated spacecraft Orion and the lunar station Gateway, get an up-close look at the components that make these missions possible.

The West NEW!

This experience digs deep into the concepts of manifest destiny while giving students the opportunity to travel the Oregon Trail, strike it rich in the California gold rush, and gear up for an epic showdown at the Alamo. Student also discover what 19th-century westward expansion was like through the eyes of Native Americans.

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