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Leading, Teaching & Learning in the Era of Spatial Computing

As the world's schools gradually return to in-person learning post-COVID-19, former Head of School Adam Mangana suggests that virtual reality education could offer a way forward.


Mangana contends that the current industrial-age education model was initially designed for standardization and high utility, but it's now time to start optimizing human potential and educating for genius. He argues that virtual reality presents an opportunity to return to relational and ambulatory learning, allowing anyone to attend a top-tier school regardless of their location or socioeconomic status.


Compared to traditional classrooms or other online delivery systems, virtual reality education allows for much more effective relational exchanges. Students can explore different locations and connect with excellent educators, which creates a more personalized and equitable learning experience.


By focusing on relationships and equity, Mangana believes that virtual reality education can enhance the overall learning experience.

Adam Mangana: Professional Keynote Speaker
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