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Optima Independent Charitable Partnership Program

Updated: Apr 10

Optima Independent was born from the idea that we could inspire the hearts and minds of young people through immersive collaborative experiences. Our virtual reality platform enables us to bring those experiences to children regardless of geographic location or physical health. We are grateful to be working with cutting-edge children’s hospitals through our charitable partnerships program to bring immersive education and interactive social experience to patients.

Through VR, patients can connect with peers to reduce feelings of isolation and attend classes in the metaverse to stay caught up on coursework during hospital stays. We are actively looking to expand our program to more children experiencing trauma and disruption in education, health, and family or friendships due to events beyond their control. If you're interested in becoming a charitable partner or in making a donation to support the program, please contact our Head of Independent Schools, Alyssa Finneyfrock at


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