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Alyssa Finneyfrock

Head of Optima Independent

Alyssa Finneyfrock, a dedicated educational leader with over 18 years of experience, spearheads Optima Independent as its head. Her vast experience spans diverse independent school markets, such as Charlotte, Nashville, Jackson, and Atlanta.

Alyssa's latest position prior to joining Optima Independent was Associate Head of School at Atlanta Academy. Fueled by her passion for fostering healthy school ecosystems, Alyssa champions meaningful, innovative educational experiences for upcoming leaders. With a strong background in integrating technology to boost student engagement, Alyssa's expertise extends to strategic planning, instructional design, alternative revenue sources, and professional development.

Alyssa graduated from Appalachian State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Education. Committed to continual professional growth, she earned a Master's degree in Independent School Leadership from Vanderbilt University and an Advanced Educational Leadership specialist degree from Harvard University.

In addition to her impressive credentials, Alyssa actively leads and participates in the Southern Association of Independent Schools' accreditation teams. She has spoken at various esteemed conferences, including The People of Color Conference, National Business Officers Association, and Independent School Association of the Central States.

Originally from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Alyssa now resides in Atlanta, Georgia, where she enjoys traveling, running, and pampering her beloved dogs. As a visionary educator, Alyssa Finneyfrock continuously seeks to redefine teaching and learning experiences for the next generation.

Alyssa Finneyfrock
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