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OptimaEd Impacting
Student Learning

OptimaEd provides content-rich material delivered on the most engaging and immersive platform. This unique emergence makes teaching more efficient, improves understanding, and increases memory and retention.

We are a virtual instruction provider (VIP) integrating virtual reality into the student experience bringing immersive, classroom-based online learning to students regardless of location or economic status. Our K-9 state-standards compliant courses are offered Live and On-Demand to meet students’ specific needs and completion timelines.

Teenage girl with VR headset on

OptimaEd completed a six-week study with 22 sixth Graders. Initial focus interviews revealed low levels of prior knowledge related to the targeted Earth Science concepts, and all students achieved proficiency for all standards during the intervention. 

  •  Students reported a preference for VR instruction.

  •  Increased level of student engagement with content.

  • Students' interests can be primed with VR learning.

  • VR can cause students to become more interested in the material, which leads to higher levels of engagement and learning gains that are manifested in better performance on long-term assessments of learning.

Teenage boy wearing VR headset
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