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Wellness Activities

Did you know that nurturing your heart and being the best version of yourself is just as important as learning new things and doing well academically? Focusing on wellness skills improves academic performance, mental wellness and more! Below are a few activities you might find helpful and a little bit of fun to try on your breaks from class or in your spare time! You can also hop in to the Optima VR Student Hub to complete more of these and hang out with friends in the Metaverse!



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For more in depth Wellness activities, students may register for mini courses and full semester courses on a variety of social-emotional and wellness topics. 

  • Holistic Wellness: Students explore dimensions of wellness so we can live our best lives and nurture minds, bodies and hearts. Topics include emotional regulation, social skills, practicing empathy and more.  

  • You’re Famous! Book Study: This course includes a study and discussion of well-known books by wellness gurus like Brene Brown, Sean Covey and more! Topics focus on wellness, leadership, digital citizenship, SEL and more! At the end of the unit, students will present their own Ted Talk on a wellness and SEL topic of their choice. 

  • Eek! What If?: In this mini course, students learn practical strategies to help manage day-to-day anxiety so you can be the best version of yourself each day!  

  • Digital Citizenship: Students cultivate responsible and safe use of technology including protecting our privacy & security, online etiquette, digital footprint and more in this mini course.  

  • Managing Test Anxiety: This mini unit is especially helpful during project and exam seasons to help students learn ways to reduce stress, manage test anxiety and feel prepared for exams, big projects and finals.  

  • Study Skills 101: Students learn more about executive function skills like planning, setting priorities, organizing schoolwork, time management and more! Students will also brainstorm ways to apply these skills in their own lives in this mini course.

  • Intro to Leadership: Learn the basics of leadership and explore leadership styles to find your personal style. Students will have an opportunity to apply their leadership skills with an end of unit project.   

  • Taste the Rainbow: In this mini unit, students explore basics of nutrition and making healthy food choices to fuel our bodies. Students will engage in both VR Metaverse lessons and asynchronous, hands-on projects.  

  • Attitude of Gratitude: This mini unit focuses on practices of gratitude in daily life and exploring the concept of thankfulness and gratitude.   

  • Grow Your Goal!: This mini course focuses on goal-setting practices as well as developing a growth mindset. Students will learn about SMART Goals, perseverance and complete a unit project.  

  • Help Thy Neighbor: Explore human issues such as lack of food, bullying, homelessness, hospitalization and chronic illnesses and more. This session will also include brainstorming ways to help those around us with applied community service projects.  

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