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VR Curriculum: Features
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Join our Growing Online Network of Schools that are Providing Students with a Variety of Accredited Academic Courses.

Using a mixture of curated and proprietary resources on our Canvas LMS and Virtual Reality technology, your students can learn in an immersive environment that engages them in interactive learning experiences and leads to improved outcomes.

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Optima is the international standard for academic, technological, and operational excellence in the field of virtual education. Optima has built out over 1500 lessons across multiple grade levels and subject areas. This content is aligned with State Standards and is Cognia accredited. Synchronous instruction takes place in an array of unique learning environments tailored to the content and allows for the inclusion of a wide variety of resources to support learning. 

Student-Student interactions are effortless and natural, reintroducing social learning to distance learning platforms.


Student-Teacher interactions are more frequent and resemble that of a traditional experience, including both verbal and non-verbal interactions. Seamless Integration of all of your established resources can be seamlessly integrated. The architecture is designed to accommodate multiple school calendars and offer maximum flexibility for teacher autonomy.

An online network that provides students with a variety of COGNIA-accredited academic courses or custom courses for your student body. 
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"According to PWC, people who are taught using virtual reality tech are 3.75 times more emotionally connected to the content, four times more focused than their e-learning peers, and 275 % more confident about applying the skills they learn.”
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