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Time & Distance

Transform time lost on traveling by gathering in a customized meeting space in the metaverse that is tailored to the unique size, needs and goals of your leadership team, committee or board.

Freedom from Distraction


The immersive nature of our solution fosters distraction-free participation and attentiveness of team members - imagine how productive your meetings will be with no cell phones or screens competing for everyone's attention.  

Money & Energy


Reclaim resources spent on costly airfare, ground transportation, lodging and meals by allowing team members to fully immerse themselves in conversation and interaction with each other from any location in the world.

Ease & Efficiency 


Our solution is extremely user friendly and allows team members to efficiently engage with resources across integrated platforms. 

Training & Support


The Optima team specializes in providing training sessions and ongoing support to ensure you and your team are on the path to enhanced engagement and productivity in the metaverse. 

Man wearing black VR headset with one hand rasied, smiling.

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Optima’s Virtual Reality Team Meeting Solution

The Optima Advantage: Transform Team Meetings While Saving Time, Energy & Money

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